Cottage 2014 - 181

2 thoughts on “Somnolent

  1. Thanks Jenifer! Though it’s a little socially awkward to say, I really love most of my photographs too, but it really gives me a fuzzy feeling when someone shares that appreciation. Most of us who photograph (and other artists as well) probably have the same experience that we are more participants in the creation of art than creators per se; that is, there is a conspiracy, a synchronicity that occurs between light and object and setting and circumstance and aperture and speed (and whether the lens cap is off or the battery is charged), etc. that produce – violá! – a piece of art and we we look at it and experience, “Wow! That’s amazing,” without any sense of ownership, just, “Hey, look at this! Isn’t that (thing, not me) amazing?”

    But, I digress.

    Thanks again.

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